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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  August 28, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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official rollcall, the delegates mitt romney has worked so hard to get, they will vote for him and make him the official nominee. we will be back at 5:20. it is history in the making. we have important news from the gulf with shepard smith. >>shepard: afternoon from new orleans where it has been raining. they are waiting for isaac. it is 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 in the central time zone. isaac is category one hurricane is on the way. welcome to bourbon street. it's empty. the hours before hurricane katrina at this same sort of time, this street was still bustling and the stores were open and everything seemed like a party day in new orleans. not today. most everything is closed. there are local bars and a couple of restaurants here and
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there and the hotel where we are staying, it is open. looking down the street, as you pan to the left you will see bourbon street. you can see the beads so the party was here. it is gone for now. it has been raining for the last hour. the worst is supposed to hit the coast when it comes ashore in louisiana tonight. new orleans is many, many miles north of it and it will get to us probably tomorrow morning or midday. we will check with janice dean in the fox extreme weather center. it seem like this is a rainmaker and not much else? >> rain, wind and surge. this storm is slow. we are going to see along the coast, tropical storm force winds for 24 to 36 hours. ignore that this is category one hurricane, it will be almost a
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large northeaster that will knock down the doors in portions of the gulf coast. fortunately, it looks like people are taking this very seriously. we do have the risk, unfortunately, for tornadoes throughout the afternoon and evening. tornado watch extending from southeast louisiana, through mississippi, alabama, florida panhandle, because of the outer bands, with the rotation. we do not have warnings yet but we had a warning northeast of new orleans a few hours ago. look at the wind gusts from the storm. it is hours arrest from landfall but feeling the effect in new orleans with wind up to 52 miles per hour. around the center, 64 miles per hour. mobile at 51. and downhill from there. we get a new advisory at 5:00 p.m. with a new track but it looks like the storm is going to come to the west of new orleans. that means the worst of the rain and the storm surge,
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unfortunately, and the waste of the quinn. there we are headed into tuesday. look at the timeline: 12 to 24 hours of possibly hurricane force winds and because this is a slow mover we could go through two high high tides, one tonight and one tomorrow. but this will be sort of a good news story for the plain straights because we have a severe drought. one model further out in time, it is a slow mover as we head into tuesday, into wednesday, still, bringing so much rain and storm surge and winds in and around the new orleans area. this is mobile and you will feel the effects. on wednesday night, still seeing incredible amounts of rain, telephone-- 12" to 18", possibly
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24" and on thursday, into the play states. the impact in and around new orleans, the most vulnerable areas along the coastline, hurricane force winds with landfall tonight into overnight. but we will still feel the effects along the gulf coast, the long duringation. that is what i am afraid it, 12, to 24, even 36 hours of heavy rain, strong wind, and surge. this is a large storm. because of that, we are going do see that storm surge moving into the coastline. already seeing it in parts of the florida panhandle. winds are at 90 miles per hour according to the last advisory and up to 20" of rain. we will see the threat for tropical storm force winds and further out in time, again, the storm surge of 6" to 12" along mississippi, alabama, southeast louisiana, major flooding far
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inland in areas you do not think you will feel a hurricane, you will feel it from 6" to 12" to 18" to 20". but we will see rain in the drought stricken reasons. >>shepard: people are concerned the place it comes ashore because to the right of that is where it will be the worse. you cannot predict that but the satellite loop again, what do you think, as we watched it on the computer, does it appear to jog to the right as so many do and move east? i have to see more frames but that is something that we have to pay very close attention to because we have covered a lost hurricanes and done it together. at last minute, sometimes you see the jog to the right or the left. that will mean the difference between a slighter storm surge,
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slighter amount of rain, lighter wind gusts. right now all the computer models agree this will be a new orleans situation, unfortunately. >>shepard: i don't know if that has ever happened. maybe with betsy back in 1965 but usually they say they come here and then they jog. what is the forward speed? >> ten miles per hour. >>shepard: that is slow. >> it is slow and it is expected to go slower. that is my concern. we could deal with a hurricane that stalls in the area of impact of this very vulnerable coastline. >>shepard: that would be awful. we are so far away from it right now as the bands come around, you get nice sunny skies. five minutes later, you will get a big downpour and that is what we will deal with the next few hours as the storm continues to approach only ten miles per hour and you figure by the time we
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come in for fox report tonight it is only 40 miles closer than it is at this moment, and, still, many, many hours to go. new orleans and all of the gulf south across the land mass of mississippi and into alabama, parts of the florida panhandle, and down to tampa, still getting rain and in the southwest florida coast around ft. myers and down to naples, i understand, from time to time and in charlotte county and up from there. a lot of rain coming. now, you remember the levees were the problem in louisiana the last time around but the storm did not hit new orleans, it hit mississippi and they got a backwash out of lake pontchartrain. casey, fill us in. >>casey: we are on the northeast shore of lake pontchartrain. you talk about the weather changing as the bans cop in because we have had heave downpours here. we have clocked wind speed of 35
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miles per hour on the northeast side of pontchartrain. right now the sun is coming through. i want to show you around here. we are standing on bridge 11. as you can see it is closed. bridge 11 connects new orleans to some of the northern communities, in that direction, on the north shore of the lake. it is very low. the water is already starting to come up. you can see the white caps happening ashore with the high wind speeds. over in that direction, you can see that is interstate ten. a lot of people are familiar with i-10. it is very elevated. much of that was underwater during hurricane katrina. it is now open, raised, now. it is the main highway that runs east and west through the state. further east of ten, lake pontchartrain meets up with another lake that meets up with
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the gulf of mexico. take a look at the video, brand new, the lake surge barrier which is what we are talking about dealing with $11 billion worth of improvements since hurricane katrina. a giant credit wall that is two miles long, 26' above sea level where the gulf intracoastal waterway and the mississippi river outlet come together. this was built after katrina. a short time ago today the army corps of engineers closing a giant barge gate on that barrier for the first time in history. the goal is to protect the most vulnerable spots. >> by putting the structure in place that allows us to reduce the risk to the areas of greater new orleans area that were damaged the most during hurricane katrina including the lower ninth ward.
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>>casey: this area is the irish bio. there is a curfew in effect from the sun going down until it comes up in the morning. the curfews are now in effect in the lower-lying parishes. >>shepard: we are in bourbon street in the middle of the french quarter with a good view. we do not suggest there is no partying going on, that is never the case, and the ladies are enjoying them, so, a hurricane will not get in the way of all parties but i will tell you it is as quiet as i have ever seen this place and we talked to a lot of people last night who said, yes, it will rain a lot. and it will rain a lot for a long time. if there is flooding, i don't want to be here. a lot of people got out although there are no mandatory evacuation orders. in south mississippi area, we
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have a storm chaser and is on the move over there. jeff, you saw a couple of tornadoes, right? >>guest: i sure did. (inaudible) i looked out the window and there were two tornadoes. we are in gulf of mexico port, mississippi, the last ten minutes, the waves were 3' and now the waves are 5' to 7'. (inaudible) this area took a tremendous hit back in katrina. (inaudible) the waves are coming up. they have doubled in the last hour. the wave height and storm surge is up dramatically and beach boulevard will go underwater.
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i understand from my other sources there is water up to 30' waves. waves. it is 50 miles east coast. (inaudible) the big waves will make their way not east side of new orleans over the next hour or two and i do have the military here pulling up in the last few minutes and we are working on that at this time. >> that is around gulfport. our friends in south, mississippi, they will have a rough go on that land mass. the storm hits the new orleans area, although it could jog. so much of the rain is 40, 50, 60, 70 miles from the center where the rough rain is, and that puts it on the south
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mississippi coast. we will go like to boston where our correspondent is and we will take to you pam that for updates on the republican national convention. it is hurricane prep day in the city of new orleans. fox news has you covered. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much, i appreciate it, i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money ? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense.
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>>shepard: 15 minutes past the hour, live from new orleans as we wait for hurricane isaac to come to shore. it looks to be a new orleans storm. so many times they say new orleans will get hit but then it jogs to the right and heads to mississippi, alabama, or florida. this has not done that. our guest is from the army corps of engineers and they have been working on the levees for seven years is before that many decades. >>guest: the difference is prior to katrina, we had a system if name only. we did not have a system. since then, congress, two administrations have followed up with the funding and given us
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the funding need and we have made great strides if a short period. the system is ready to defend against a 100 year storm. is no 100 year storm. what we are looking at include fighting the rain event. the rain event, you mention lake pontchartrain and the levee failures. this time, each outfall canal where the -- i will explain that, the city pumps their water into the outfall canal and before that, the water went to lake pontchartrain. we put three gates at the head of the off fall canal and now we can pump we them. we can keep the water out. it keeps the storm surge out. >>shepard: we talking 15" to 20" of water. can the pumps handle it? >> absolutely. what we will do, we have petroleum embedded with the city and people at our stations. we will work them together and make sure we have everything. we have the largest pump station
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down and that can pump enough to fill up a olympic size swimming pool in four seconds. >>shepard: four seconds? >>guest: yes, you have to see it. >>shepard: i have been down this and they got beat to heal, and this was part of the solution. >>guest: the other thing that is cool, the relationship we have built since katrina and everyone working together. we closed 23 last night to work on closure of 23 and they did not want to leave anyone else, the parish president, did not want to leave anyone so the idea is how do you get those that want to stay until the last minute. we are working on a ramp in and out. >> friend of mine says this looking like an episode of "walking dead." i have never seen this before. before i came the convention and
3:19 pm
visitors bureau, the president said she has never seen anything like this. >>shepard: i have not, either, and this is the 9th hurricane since the late 80's, most of them are category one's and people party through them. the employees have gone home. >>guest: what happened is people listen to the mayor. when he says --. >>shepard: the new mayor, mayor landrieu and everyone knows that name. >>guest: he has gotten out and talked to people and explain how they need to work and prepare. he has the emergency house director talk at a press conference, if you need electricity, this is a good time to evacuate because you may need to be someplace, like if you have dialysis. people have listened to him and those that are not comfortable have left. a lot of people are in place, though, i think. >>shepard: i think so, too,
3:20 pm
ken. now, over to steve over in biloxi just east of gulfport before you get to the alabama line. how does it look, steve? >> for the last hour steady rain gusts of 20 miles per hour as the continues worsen, and we have seen quite a bit of flooding, too, the last five or six hours and the water is coming up quickly. when you are in a parking lot you have seen it rise and we have moved two or three times around and some neighborhoods are flooded and real concerns, too, that some roads are covered with a foot or two of water making it difficult to help people who stayed throughout this. we have seen a lot of people at last minute taking what they can and heading out. a number of stores have run out of bottled water. as far as evacuations go, a few of the lower lying counties mandatory evacuations and the rest is voluntary. we have seen a high presence of national guard.
3:21 pm
at least 1,000 down here, they are riding around in camouflage vehicles. they will be here when the power goes out as the storm comes through. >>shepard: where you are going to be? >>steve: a lovely inn that i hope the satellite dish will stay up all night and talk with you later on today. >>shepard: i'm hoping we will, too, and now, i want to get past you, tommy. we put on the side where we think it is protected. there will not be that much wind, 80 or 85 miles per hour? this satellite truck is here and this is the hotel and we hope it will be blocked from the wind and we will be able to be live up here for a long, long, long time. but the great news this afternoon, the hotel in pure new orleans style will have food here. they will serve buffett breakfast, lunch, and dinner to
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guests throughout the storm. new orleans is quite a place. we will have coverage from down in tampa where jay wallace and the team are getting ready for you. bret baier and megyn tearing up ellicott city. our abundant nats is already saving us money, producing cleaner electricity, putting us to work here in america and supporting wind and solar. though all energy development comes with some risk, we're committed to safely and responsibly producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now.
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>>shepard: hurricane isaac on the way to new orleans and will affect the entire gulf coast region. the weather center said if you took this storm as it stretches 250 miles from the center with tropical storm force winds, we have that satellite loop, you take the storm and put it in the middle of the gulf it would stretch from texas. those bands are on the east coast of florida that is from
3:26 pm
this storm. to the right of tampa. that to on the east coast of florida all the way to the texas panhandle, that is how much rain it is. you can put it in washington, dc and you would feel the rain in new york city and all the way down to raleigh, north carolina. it is a killer, huge wind storm? no. is there a lot of rain? yes. it will be highly entertaining watching us get wet when it happens but not as entertaining as the arrival of the romneys. they are down in tampa and it will be a barn burner. >>carl: i hope the animation is as good as the lead in. finally made to tampa. mitt romney came this morning. he was originally not planning to come until thursday when he gives the speech but there was talk perhaps he would make a surprise cameo tonight after his
3:27 pm
wife's speech and because of isaac the plans went out the window and they had to my down together. he got here a few hours ago, meetings with finance, and a couple of key delegations. on the way, his senior strategist talked about down playing expectations. 2 1/2 weeks ago they said, between putting paul ryan on the ticket and the bounce has been 11 points. now any are down playing that. (inaudible) >>carl: mrs. romney visited with reporters on on the plane d brought home baked cookies and said she is putting finishing touches on the speech. she will talk about her husband, the kind of person he is, the kind of husband, the kind pair and talk about their early business experience when he got
3:28 pm
start the at bain capital, and running the olympics and governor of massachusetts. she would try to get heartfelt and let people know inside mitt romney's head. he will have a big speech on thursday, in which he, too, tries to put together a vision that will convince people they know him a little bit better. much of this convention will be about that. in a couple of hours they will start the rollcall, the ritual where all of the states will announce their delegate allotment for mitt romney. by the end of it, it will be acclimation and he will be by a vote unanimously claimed the presidential nominee but that does not happen until thursday. he does not get the $184 million he has raised for the general election campaign physical he accepts the nomination. >>shepard: all right, we are looking forward to it and hoping the storm comes in with a
3:29 pm
wimper. the conventions are a lot of fin. they made-for-t.v. events but it is a good opportunity for the parties to be table show off their candidate for people that do not pay as much attention as all of us. looking forward to that coverage tonight right here on fox. we will get to the national hurricane center and get an update on the hurricane which is on the way. you can see rain over the state of north carolina. the rain that is now in the raleigh, north carolina, is from a hurricane southwest of new orleans. this thing is huge. i'm a marathon runner,
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>>shepard: continuing coverage of hurricane isaac. the rains are coming in again on the louisiana coastline. it has been off-and-on sort of thing. then new orleans will get 36 to 40 hours of rain. we could be looking at something like 20" of rain. that is a lot of rain. now to the national hurricane center. who is with us this afternoon? doctor, it is great here in new orleans, just a little bit of rain. what do we have in store? >>guest: a lot more rain. it will come down more frequently and harder. the radar images shows a very strong band offshore of
3:34 pm
southeast louisiana, clipping the southeast tip as the system moves off to the northwest slowly, this heavy rain band is going to start parking over more and more populated areas including in new orleans at some point so the rainfall totals will start to ramp up and that is just on the northern side. the southern side of it is pretty large, as well, and a lot of rain is behind it. when the landfall of the circulation center occurs, that is not the end of the event but the beginning of the second half and it is a large system. it could be a day and a half to two days of rainfall in some spots. >>shepard: your projections look like jackson, mississippi, up to little rock, and curving to the right? >>guest: yes, a slow northwestern movement. in two days it may not be out of louisiana yet. it will take a couple of days to get inland to the next group of states. as it weakens, the moisture will still travel northward into places like arkansas, missouri,
3:35 pm
tennessee, all kinds of areas near and around there, well into the midwest. we could see rain out of this. in the next couple of days, here, we could see in the immediate area of where it comes ashore and in the immediate area of any part of the cyclone's large size, rainfall totals up near 20" in some spots. not everyone will get that. >>shepard: doctor, you know that continental shelf right off louisiana with the shallow water, sometimes the storm hits that and speeds up. is that a possibility? >>guest: no, the forward speed of the storm is dictated by the atmospheric steering currents and they are not pushing it along really fast to the ramification of the shallow water in this area of the gulf of mexico is that the storm is able to push more water on shore. it makes the storm surge worse
3:36 pm
if the water depth was deep quick, it would increase the waves but here the water is very shallow so that is why we can see a free storm surge as the ocean is pushed into this area by the winds and the water is very shallow here and piles up over land so 6' to 12' of storm surge flooding possible in coastal mississippi and southeast louisiana. hopefully people got out as they were told to. >>shepard: we can hope so. doctor, good luck to you guys in south florida. >>guest: thanks for helping us get the word out. >>shepard: a storm chaser in the gulf port area, what does it look like, jason? did we lose jason? jason? well, the signal is frozen, we have been getting rain and wind bands coming in from time to time.
3:37 pm
even over the land mass of mississippi they are getting rain and heavy wind from time to time. the next 48 to 56 hours or so, this will be going on. if you like to see idiots in the rain you will enjoy our coverage. thoroughly. we with will go to lower alabama in a minute, around mobile, and the rest. our correspondent is there, and we will keep you updated on that and all the activities in tampa as the tourists gather.
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3:41 pm
photographer is going out to take a picture of the man flying a kite down bourbon street. the excitement never ends. it is building as we speak. more serious at the moment in dolphin island off the coast of alabama, where our correspondent is. it is my understanding they have power lines down and power outages and heavy winds. rick: things have gotten nasty in the last couple of hours. just off the seawall, the white caps, the bay is very violent. the water is smashing up against the seawall here. this is normally a couple feet lower and the water legal was higher early in the day when we were closer to high tide. we are approaching low tide in a few hours. it is disconcerting when they say the bridge is closed. they closed the causeway and the bridge to anyone going in or out so we cannot leave if we want to until maybe around 5:00 local time. i recorded gust of 45.2 miles
3:42 pm
per hour. steady in the 20's and 30's with water up on the sidewalk here and most of the boats are gone. look at that boat over there that is tossed around quite a bit. the owner is out of the country and people here are looking after it for him but he could be in some trouble if they get 5' storm surge and steady wind in the 50's we were told to expect. you mention the power outage, a man, 72-year-old man on a sailboat out here and he was rating on engine power and the engine died. he called the coast guard they rescued him and left the boat adrift out there in mobile bay. that boat wound up smacking into a power pole in the water on the other side of the bridge. you can see the causeway and his boat hit one of the posts, knocked out the power and they will not repair it until the
3:43 pm
storm passes which could be two or three days from now. >>shepard: a lost evacuations there? or are people riding it out? rick: a lot of the people had to get out. the west end of the island the road has been underwater since this morning and most homes were boarded up and police sealed off that island and everyone had to get out. on the eastern it is higher elevation, more of those people decided to stay and ride it out. the town is quiet and people are here, pretty much indoors and at the love folks are getting out. a lot of folks did heed the evacuation warnings and left. >>shepard: the heavy stuff, a lot of the heavy rain will be 100 miles to the east of the center in your general area. i am guessing right now the worst of it is where you are. rick: well, we have seen bands heavy rain and the sun comes out as we have seen many times in hurricanes. i know that is common. right now, it is nasty.
3:44 pm
about ten minutes ago it was really, really bad. so we have been seeing that. it has been going through cycles. we are getting steady wind in the 20's and 30's and we are getting gusts in the mid-40's. i clocked 48.9 miles per hour gust. it could go up from there. >>shepard: what do you plan for tonight and into tomorrow? rick: well, i will reveal our location, this unit on the end here, we are elevated well above wherever the surge might be so we have lodging, we do not have power but we have mys and we are good to go. that's where we will read it out. >>shepard: don't be wimpy and stop sending us pictures. rick: you want more in we will bring you back over here. the surf is violent. it was higher up, like i said, the water was steady up on the grass but when this stuff hits
3:45 pm
the wall, it's quite a sight. i don't know if you can see the sailboat over there waves have been hitting that one, too. >>shepard: i am guessing you are going to get a surge rick and those boats according to the national hurricane center, the life does not look long for that. rick: the water is about a foot to 1.5 foot above normal so it will be chest high at high tide so most of this area will be underwater especially the parking lot. no way of knowing for sure if that will happen. they can overestimate the surge. we have seen it. it was up 3' usually today. >>shepard: thank you, risk, getting wet for us in dolphin island, alabama, far east of new orleans and with the land mass of mississippi in the middle. thank you. now a storme chase are now in
3:46 pm
mississippi. if you look at the maps of mississippi and alabama, down here at the bottom on the far end of louisiana, rather, mississippi, before louisiana, far left hand side of mississippi there, when can tran came ashore they got 37.5' of water and everything on the coast including the foundations, the concrete foundations of homes, was washed away. it was down to sand. nothing else. people popped up tents and lived in army-style tents for months and in some cases years. this town is still hurting. the storm chaser is there now. how does it look? >> well, we got a storm surge coming on. i am on the land of a mill here. (inaudible)
3:47 pm
>>shepard: they are, sir, i see a stop sign with the windshield wipers. it looks wet. >>guest: i am having a hard time hearing you. the storm surge is coming in and it probably went up a foot since we have been here and people are just still moving down the road. >>shepard: that doesn't surprise me. it's a hardy bunch there on the western end of the lower half of mississippi. they have been through lots of hurricanes, many survived hurricane katrina. many were taken out by police at the last minute. their lives were saved by their neighbors. that was a great thing to see but category one is a hard thing to get a hardcore south
3:48 pm
mississippian to leave for even after katrina. the hope is this will not be too bad and those make the decision to stay behind will be fine. but there is time to get out, to get on i-10 and head up i-65 and get out of the way. we will continue with coverage from here in new orleans and across the gulf south. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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>>shepard: continuing coverage of tropical storm isaac as it moves toward bourbon street. we guess over the next 40 hours the rains will be continuous going at sundown tonight across greater new orleans. we are watching closely the events in the city tampa. specifically, ann romney has a
3:52 pm
big political moment tonight, the wife of the governor and presumptive nominee and our reporter is covering what is going on tonight. >> it is always good here. a mix of rain and sunshine as you await tropical storm isaac's arrival. tonight, ann romney's job is to introduce her husband to the country. but here is a piece to introduce you to ann. >> my sweetheart, ann romney. >> she is that and more. >> cheer leader, confidant, surrogate, all of the above. >> she is a constant presence on the campaign trail. >> we are thought going to take it anymore, we are taking the white house back. >> wife. mother. to five boys. >> my career choice was to be a mother and we all need to know we need to respect choices women make. >> she felt the need to respond to charge she as a wealthy stay-at-home mom "never work add day in her life." >> those things that i diddinglily to take care of the
3:53 pm
house, the children and the bills which some people think i did not work, those were things i was very busy doing. >> together, the romneys face the glare of the public spotlight which includes the private pain her battle with breast cancer and multiple dealer roses which made her more compassionate. while they have taken eat for being out of tonk with average american including her involvement in high dollar sport of dressage she says this is an alternative therapy to make accessible to all. now she wants the country to see more than a candidate. >> he is funny, spontaneous, a great sense of humor, but, i will tell you, these are serious issues he is talking about and this is a serious race and this is serious times. >> we have an exclusive sit down with her tomorrow, her first interview after her speech tonight and we hope to bring that to you on "studio b"
3:54 pm
tomorrow. shep? >>shepard: looking forward to it, shannon, in tampa. i hear the winds are blowing out and the water is kicking up. rick? rick: well, we got a reading of 35 miles per hour. it is steady, in the 30's, on dolphin i'll. this is a small strip of land, 1.5 miles wide, and 14 miles long. all the homes are concentrated on one seven-mile stretch and the west end of the seven miles is underwater right now. the roads are closed, the police will not let people in or out and the causeway in and out of dolphin island is also closed. if you are on the island you cannot get off and if you are off can you fought get on. so, possibly, later this afternoon, that is closer to low tide this is 8:30 or 9:00 when they will re-open the bridge. they may close it again if the storm surge is, as predicted and the weather is bad, they will try and keep people off of the
3:55 pm
island. the last thing they need are sightseers. we got a good wind blowing and good rain coming down. at the love white caps out there on dolphin island bay and mobile bay. it is nasty. >>shepard: look at the gusts. what does it say? rick: it is set on max and it stops when it hit as high and now it is 35. early are it was up to 48.9 and a local said they were told to expect winds in the 50's later tonight. we do not have any way if knowing that will pan out but right now it is on max at 35 miles per hour. >>shepard: you can see, rick, i'm having wind gust meter envy and our rower is stand leg in his orange coat and he forgot his wind meter but i will show
3:56 pm
you what he got us, the first hurricane i have ever covered, and i think this is the 37th, are we have a white board. we have a white board, and that all i have, risk, just a white board with all the stuff i have to do. that all i have. i have to confess, we got to tampa i got one of these at the heroin company, works well. i also got the stage and rebox for fishing boat. >>shepard: we are not going to rick anymore. if you are one of the millions of men
3:57 pm
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